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Jul. 4th, 2013 05:05 pm
melcena: (Warm sun)
Woke up today with a horrible sore throat. Feeling like total crap. So I went to the doctor. Does anybody else get that slight feeling of concern mostly overpowered by vindication when the doctor looks horrified?

Doctor: *makes horrified face* How long have you had this?
Me: I woke up with it this morning.
Doctor: *shocked face* Your throat is awfully red, your lymph nodes and the back of your tongue are really swollen. I'm going to put you on 10 days of antibiotics.

Also, since my throat hurts like hell, I put myself on the 'Fuck You, It Hurts When I Swallow' Diet. AKA Ice Cream. Why call it that, you ask? One, it's that time of month so I'm cranky. Two, 'I thought you were trying to lo-' FUCK YOU, IT HURTS WHEN I SWALLOW. See how that works?


May. 21st, 2012 01:28 pm
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I got sick as a dog the other week. Stomach bug that started on Saturday and lasted until Monday, and a nasty cold that started up on Monday that is still clinging on.

That means there was no meeting with the lady at the other Kindergarten. I did however manage to lose 7 pounds in 3 days of stomach flu so I think that I can be forgiven for not doing, well anything, really.

This past Saturday we took Sammy T to the zoo in Leipzig. He was all about the elephants. He was dragging me along once we got in insisting that we go to the elephants. When we got there, he was really quiet and his eyes were huge. I think he was suitably impressed! Long story short, it was a really nice zoo and we had a lot of fun, but it was really tiring.

I've been trying to come up with a list of 100 things I want to do/change over the next year/two years. I'm up to 34. Quite a few of them are big things, which means I could break them down into smaller steps, and I think I will try to do so, but later when I'm not trying to get my house back in order.
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Doing really, really good about not eating after 6pm.

Logging my foods is getting spotty. I'm going to have to work on getting that one into a real habit. As I have for the first time in months spaced and forgotten to put on my FitBit (the first time since I got it) I'm skipping recording today and will begin again tomorrow.

As for my moving more/dance and cleaning hour, I am sick. My darling plague monkey brought me home a cold that has knocked me on my ass. I've spent most of the past 3 days asleep trying to shake it. I made a big can of soup, toasted some bread, and peeled 2 oranges for lunch for the three of us today and I've been on the couch trying to recoup my energy.

I was going to try to add in at least one more change this week but I'm going to hold off until I have these three down.
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Apparently my son and my husband can both cough without waking up. And they both snore horribly when sick. Between Jens coughing and snoring like a freight train and the monitor popping on and off with Sammy coughing, there was no way I could get any sleep in the bedroom last night. And sleeping on the guest bed in Sammy's room was also out for the same reasons.

So, I relocated to the couch somewhere around midnight when I just couldn't take it anymore*. I apparently dreamed Jens coming to look for me and an entire conversation about why I was sleeping on the couch in which he seemed proud that Sammy shared his ability to cough without waking, an ability I lack. I was very confused when Jens came in the living room at 5am wondering what in the world I was doing on the couch! It was very, very real.

I ache today and feel like a complete zombie, either from sleeping on the couch or being sick or some combination of the two. I'm thinking about hunting down the air mattress for tonight, 'cause I don't imagine it's going to be any better.

* You know you're there when you start thinking about smothering your spouse with the pillow you've been clutching to your head in a futile attempt to block out the snoring.
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So. I posted about the minor surgery that went well, and fell off the earth. I am so freaking sick it's pathetic. A day or so after my post I caught some sort of stomach bug from my little plague monkey*. Started with diarrhea, and general stomach issues. Then it got ugly. Couldn't eat. Couldn't sit or stand without nausea and dry heaving. A house call from the doctor neighbor and some medications he had on hand got the stomach bug more or less squared away and now I've moved on to the next plague. You see, along with this stomach bug came a cold that has ramped up as I have been getting better, it has turned into a sinus infection.

I am now on various medications. I am supposed to rest and not try to get things done. Also drink plenty of fluids.

My MIL has been a huge help. If not for her Sammy would be staying home because I am not well enough to take him to preschool, but on the flip side I am so not up to taking care of him on my own either. I almost puked on him trying to change his diaper the other day.

Sammy is battling with this cold too. I may need to take him to the doctor next monday. My MIL says she thinks he's getting better, though, so maybe not. He's definitely not as sick as I am but he's got a cough that has been worrying me.

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Waiting for the doctor to pop by to have a look at my throat, as I am ill with the snot plague. This would be way overkill except that I am supposed to have my tubes tied next week and we need to know if I need an antibiotic or if we need to postpone it.

Other topics of interest:


Sammy is sick with snot plague and may need antibiotics if he starts running a fever. He will be home from Kindergarten until Tuesday. Otherwise he is loving it. He plays with the other kids now. He is still excited to go every morning. He eats his food, he sits on the potty. The teachers are thrilled.

The New Doctor Debacle.

The nice new doctor here in town pulled a stunt that had us thinking of finding a new new doctor. Hitting the highlights: She told us she was writing me a prescription for a stronger herbal blend to help with my sleep problems/anxiety. It was NOT. It was homeopathic sugar pills. Jens had made it plain to her that we do not go in for homeopathy ... yeah Jens was pissed and I was not pleased. I mean she listens and I like her but I need my issues addressed and telling me you're giving me one thing and then giving me something else entirely, not cool.

The feng shui advice for the bedroom was quirky and ineffective, also not very doctor-ly.

Any way. Jens popped down to see her and got an apology, he also brought me a prescription for Effexor*. Which we need to run by the doc who will be doing my tube tying.

Better Living Through Chemicals.

Last night was night number one of Effexor. Miserable failure. Nausea. Insomnia. Got up feeling like death warmed over this morning. Looks like it'll be fun getting acclimated. It would probably help if I could shake this irrational anxiety over taking it. BUT THEN IF I COULD SHAKE MY IRRATIONAL ANXIETIES I WOULDN'T NEED TO TAKE IT NOW WOULD I?!

Diet And Exercise.

The doctor also said I am taking in way too much meat/protein. She says it could be taxing my kidneys/gall bladder/and liver and could be causing some of my anxiety. It's hard to tell where sound medical advice stops and where flaky-whateverness begins but I'm doing a Mon-Fri vegetarian thing now to cut back/cut down on my meat/protein intake. Also, I can't eat anything that comes from a cow.

Before Sammy got sick I had started up my daily Yogalates again. It felt good to be getting back into it. But I can't do it when he's home, because I am not a jungle gym. And I don't do it when I feel like death warmed over, because no. I may have some trouble getting started back up after the tube tying but I wanted to get in a few days of it before then.

Doctor has come and gone, I have a prescription for an antibiotic for my throat. If I'm not better in 5 days I need to postpone the tube tying. Also, I should wait to start the Effexor until after.

* It's actually venlafaxin which is the generic and sucks to type.
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Back from Ueckermünde. Have snot-plague. May survive.

How's things?
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Sammy came down with a cold a few days after getting his MMRV. He, of course, promptly gave it to me. He's nearly 100% again, Jens got teency case of sniffles which he promptly kicked, while I'm STILL laying on the couch trying not to die.

And just for fun, today the left side of my jaw decided to swell. Eating is painful, talking is unpleasant. At least it doesn't feel like I got hit by a truck and stuck in a freezer anymore.


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