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Also, *I* got a call from telemarketers today! :-D Yes, I'm giddy. As I just explained to Jens it's like when I turned 16 and started getting junkmail. I never (excepting the occasional card from family) got mail. And junkmail was a sudden joy. And here, I only ever (excepting extremely rare occasions) get phone calls from my mom, so to get a call for ME is just terribly exciting. Yes, I'm a weirdo. Thank you. Come again.


Jan. 19th, 2007 04:18 pm
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I now have a lovely new layout, thanks to my fantabulous friend who I'm not entirely sure if I should name here or not. <3 TY!

We've now evicted His Imperial Froginess from his couch. We've pulled out the crap collector chair from the corner, put down Frog blankets and given him his own little "you are not our equal" niche. So we now have a chair in the bedroom and a bunch of stuff piled on the couch because we're too lazy to find it all homes to discourage Frog from trying to resume his section of couch.

This is part of our plan to get the Frog into some semblance of a well behaved dog like all the ones we saw in the US.

Also, I will be drastically cutting my SL time to get our RL plans in motion. This means not doing the regular weekly events (except *maybe* Iron PJs) and just doing one now and again when I have the time and they have a slot I can fill. I won't be getting paid like I am now (in Lindens not $$) so I won't be able to keep my house. But selling off a lot of my stuff should give me at least a little cash I can buy a book off of amazon with or something.

My strict calorie counting/Aminotrim/exercise thing should have already been started but I wanted to make sure I was good and well so I didn't have a relapse of the snot plague. (<.< >.> That's the ticket, yeah.) It will be getting underway on Monday. In my defense I have been keeping an eye on what I eat I just haven't been strict with it.

Speaking of food, I just have to mention that we'll be eating Thumper for dinner tonight. And damn does he smell tasty. *evil grin*


Jan. 5th, 2007 02:03 pm
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Jens and I have both been to the doctor now, we both have antibiotics and all to help us cope with the snot plague and we're both still trying to get all the way back on German time. Admittedly I am feeling better and I think Jens feels better than he sounds, since according to the sound of him he should be laying down with a box of tissues composing his will.

Unfortunately the house needs cleaning, the dishes need doing, and someone will have to do all that before we can take a stab at the fancy Skillet Pork Chop recipe I've got the meat thawed for tonight. Bah. Who's got the winning numbers and 10€ for lotto? I promise the maids and cook will swing by your place too.

You know ... that may not be a bad idea. I think I'm gonna start a weekly lotto numbers poll and if we win big (1 mil and up) I'll split it with whoever gave the numbers, 70/30. Starting now.

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