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Doing really, really good about not eating after 6pm.

Logging my foods is getting spotty. I'm going to have to work on getting that one into a real habit. As I have for the first time in months spaced and forgotten to put on my FitBit (the first time since I got it) I'm skipping recording today and will begin again tomorrow.

As for my moving more/dance and cleaning hour, I am sick. My darling plague monkey brought me home a cold that has knocked me on my ass. I've spent most of the past 3 days asleep trying to shake it. I made a big can of soup, toasted some bread, and peeled 2 oranges for lunch for the three of us today and I've been on the couch trying to recoup my energy.

I was going to try to add in at least one more change this week but I'm going to hold off until I have these three down.

Long night

Mar. 21st, 2012 03:04 pm
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Sammy has been getting off and on sick since the 6th of March. We thought it was from the cake he ate on my MIL's birthday. Horrible diarrhea. Then the next week after watching what he's eating (but still letting him eat at the Kindergarten) it happens again, this time with vomiting. We went to the doctor and she was very concerned about his hydration. If he hadn't perked up and started drinking and stopped with the diarrhea and vomiting we would have needed to take him to the hospital. So we've kept him home and resolved to make him lunches instead of letting him eat what the other kids are eating.

Last night at 11pm it started up again. He's been home. I know what he's eaten. Nothing should have set this off. But we were up most of the night battling the poor boy's diarrhea and vomiting. He was refusing to drink and looking awful. So around 3:30am we head off to the hospital in Chemnitz.

We get there (about an hour drive) and he immediately starts perking up and wanting to drink. The doctor sees him and says he looks OK keep doing what you're doing and talk to your pediatrician.

After napping, Sammy and I head off to the pediatrician. She is baffled and concerned. So she took blood to test. We'll find out if he's got genetic lactose intolerance, and if not then we'll be going to a hospital for more tests.

I'm happy we're going to get this sorted out, but I don't know if it's just lactose that sets off his stomach. He had not had anything this week that came from a cow. *throws her hands in the air*
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I took Sammy to kindergarten for the first time in more than a week, my MIL has been doing it because I have been really ill. And I notice a sign on the door that says (in German of course), "WE HAVE LICE." It advises that any child who gets lice has to go to the doctor and can't come back without a note saying he/she is lice free. Fucking A.

As far as I know, Sammy doesn't have lice. But since we'll be at the doctor anyway I'm going to have her look to be sure. I've never seen them, much less had them, so I'd feel more comfortable with a professional opinion. And I'd like to know if I could get some sort of preventative shampoo or spray to make sure he doesn't get them.

But wait! Why will we be at the doctor anyway?! Sammy seems to be back at 100% (which cannot yet be said of me) EXCEPT he has this nasty lingering cough. I want to make sure it's nothing serious and maybe get something that can knock it out, because what we're using now doesn't seem to touch it.

Sammy loves going down there. He loves playing with all the other little plague monkeys, and he's learning all sorts of new things like songs, sharing, sitting nicely at the table, oh and BITING. I'm just getting really annoyed with the constant influx of contagion, and now bugs.
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So. I posted about the minor surgery that went well, and fell off the earth. I am so freaking sick it's pathetic. A day or so after my post I caught some sort of stomach bug from my little plague monkey*. Started with diarrhea, and general stomach issues. Then it got ugly. Couldn't eat. Couldn't sit or stand without nausea and dry heaving. A house call from the doctor neighbor and some medications he had on hand got the stomach bug more or less squared away and now I've moved on to the next plague. You see, along with this stomach bug came a cold that has ramped up as I have been getting better, it has turned into a sinus infection.

I am now on various medications. I am supposed to rest and not try to get things done. Also drink plenty of fluids.

My MIL has been a huge help. If not for her Sammy would be staying home because I am not well enough to take him to preschool, but on the flip side I am so not up to taking care of him on my own either. I almost puked on him trying to change his diaper the other day.

Sammy is battling with this cold too. I may need to take him to the doctor next monday. My MIL says she thinks he's getting better, though, so maybe not. He's definitely not as sick as I am but he's got a cough that has been worrying me.



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