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May. 14th, 2015 07:35 pm
melcena: (Warm sun)
OK. So my big plans have crashed and burned.

I did bust my butt Wednesday, cleaning out and scrubbing out cabinets and reorganizing. But everything I've done keeps getting undone, or looks like it anyway. And most of that list still is unfinished.

Today I have done ... nada really. I took a stab at the dog bar and cleaned one drawer of it. I then proceeded to lounge around and do nothing except make an Oreo Pie.

Tomorrow Jens and Sammy T will be out on the town for some Papa/Monkey time and I will be home. Ostensibly cleaning. We'll see.

OH! And something fun seems to have happened. Everything tastes OFF. Bitter, wrong and weird. Apparently this is a side effect of my meds. That this would hit roughly two weeks after I've switched meds ... supposedly they are the same but different names, different "inactive ingredients" and somehow effecting me differently, I'm gonna say they ARE NOT THE SAME.

What's new?

Jun. 4th, 2012 02:51 pm
melcena: (Fair days)
I never posted how my first class went! I got there a couple minutes late because I got lost, even having given myself 30 minutes to reach a location 10 minutes away. This should shock absolutely no one. I helped with the class and had a lot of fun. And afterward I talked with the regular teacher, and she thinks it would be better if I just came in and helped, and let her handle the pedagogy and all of that. Which is fine! I am looking forward to learning and having loads of fun with the kids.

Speaking of the kids I promised them cookies for Tuesday, so I have peanut butter raisin oatmeal cookies baking. This recipe makes 5 dozen. Sammy may be taking them to Kindergarten for breakfast for a few days. THEY'RE LIKE AMAZING OATMEAL IN COOKIE FORM! THEY EVEN HAVE EGGS! THAT'S PROTEIN! DON'T JUDGE ME!

Other than that things are going fairly well. The things I can control anyway, sweaters should not be needed in June. Stupid weather. I'm still trying to come up with 100 things to change. And working on getting myself motivated to lose weight again. And since the pumpkin is now up from his nap, that's your lot!


Dec. 24th, 2009 12:50 pm
melcena: (Snow White and Rose Red)
A glimpse of my life at the moment:

Me: Dude, I'm hungry. *gets 2 slices of bread out of the bag*
Sam: (Translated from the original Baby noises for your convenience) Excuse me! I am alone and do not like it! Also I have dropped my pacifier and would like it returned.
Me: One second Pumpkin! Mommy is coming! *drops bread into toaster, closes the bread bag*
Sam: OMG the service SUCKS and you are not getting a tip, woman! Why are you so SLOW!
Me: *bustles in chatting to the baby and putting the world back to rights* *gets distracted tidying up a bit, then sits at the computer for a few moments for a little bit of a break*
Me: Dude, I'm hungry. Wait ... did I eat earlier? *returns to kitchen and finishes making a sandwich*

Happy Holidays to everybody and I hope life is treating you all well! Things are pretty good even if I can't remember what I'm doing from one moment to the next and the housework *sighs* you know, I'm not going to talk about the housework. Things will soon be even better because I have a pumpkin pie in the oven, and I will soon have cookies in the oven, and then there will be the eating of said pie and cookies and that just makes the world a better place, am I right? I know! I'm totally right.

New pics in the Pumpkin Gallery, well, new to you. The professional pics are there too for those who were unable to look at them on the website. The requisite pic of the new mommy (me) looking like 9 miles of bad road and holding the baby, and a few pics from the hospital and when he was first brought home. More will be going up soon!


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