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Nov. 20th, 2016 09:06 am
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So, last night there was a minor monkey-mergency. Basically, he was too asleep to make it to the bathroom, so he peed in his doorway, stripped off his clothes and face planted back on top of his blankets. Naked.

This caused much panic from the spousal unit who was still awake. Which led to me being woken up and shoved toward the monkey room. I checked the bed for wet spots, got fresh jammies on the monkey, grabbed up his wet clothes, all while Jens was sopping up the puddle. Then I sprinkled baking soda liberally, because children and puppies are not so different no matter what most folks say, let's be honest here.

And before I went back to bed I had a chat with Jens, along the lines of, "Why did you need to get me up for that?" Apparently, the way I can't see what needs to be done when it comes to electronics and the fixing thereof, he can't see what needs to be done with a naked monkey and a pile of pee soaked clothes. That's MOM STUFF.

Fast forward to this morning, I'm juggling all the breakfast stuff to get a hot breakfast to the monkey and spouse. Eggs, maple bacon, croissants, and coffee for Jens and I. They're eating while I'm fetching milk for monkey and pouring coffee so that I can sit down to my considerably cooler breakfast of eggs, bacon, and croissants. And I come back in with the awesome mug my bestie, Liz, got me. It says, "I'm a MOM. What's your super power?"

Monkey reads this and immediately goes, "Being a mom is NOT a super power." And Jens pipes up, "UH. Yes it is. Last night when you were naked and on top of your covers it looked like one to me!"

And I am pointing out to this child that I do a lot that he doesn't notice, he just thinks things magically happen around the house (much like Oma's perma-stocked cupboards I had to educate him on the other day). And he, remembering what I told him before, says "Nothing happens by magic!"

"That's right! People do it! I do it! There's work that gets done that you don't notice!"

And Jens says, "A sufficiently advanced mother is indistinguishable from magic." <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Some days, there are huge perks to being married to a geek. Also, I need this on a mug. NEED. IT.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] copperwise at Every Time You Pass This On A Faerie Gets Her Wings
TWO more days until we walk!

Toby Froud's doing the whole walk on STILTS. His mother, Wendy, is a gorgeous artist and one of the sweetest ladies I know.

I'm walking for Wendy. I'm walking for [livejournal.com profile] tanuki_green, who's a diabetic. I'm walking for MYSELF, even.

And because the world needs more magic, our team, the Blood Sugar Plum Faeries, will be going full Faerieworlds and dressing up for the walk.

The Portland Walk is WAY below fundraising goal. If you can spare a dollar, please sponsor me and my team. Even if you can't, please boost the signal for us.


<3 and fairy sparkles!
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Since we started putting Sammy T to bed at 8pm instead of 7pm he's sleeping later in the mornings. This means that I can start my day without having someone screaming at me/for me. It is the most awesome thing, not being harried every morning, I have time to wake up and sip a cup of hot tea. Heavenly.

I took Sammy T to Kindergarten, and talked to Frau Helm who had arranged (and postponed for me) the a meeting in Leubsdorf to discuss me helping out with another Kindergarten's English program. She called up Frau Rein and and spoke briefly and then asked if today at 9am was good for me. Which, it was! I came home and changed clothes and worked on my breathing. I was pouring buckets of sweat, as I do now whenever I get nervous. But I managed to talk myself down and by the time I left I felt good about going.

When I got there Frau Rein was happy to see me and started asking me if I had a certificate in English, I had to explain I was a native English speaker and an English major to boot! Oh, was she happy. Their English teacher had retired. They need someone to take over the program and teach two classes one in Leubsdorf and one in Hohenfichte. At this point I was starting to feel panicked again. I just wanted to volunteer to help out a bit!

So I'll be starting with the class in Hohenfichte and Frau Rein will be coming with me to the first couple of classes and helping out. Then I'm on my own and we'll see about doing the class in Leubsdorf later. It's exciting! And it's terrifying! It will be good for me.

THEN! Around lunch time, the UPS guy came and rang the doorbell. My very dear friend Dan WHO IS GRADUATING FROM HARVARD LAW SCHOOL THIS WEEK* had mentioned on Facebook that I should expect UPS on Thursday. We had talked about him getting a shirt for Sammy T from the Harvard gift shop, so I was happily thinking how adorable Sammy was going to be in a Harvard shirt. I was handed this large flat envelope. My grandma has folded clothes flat and shipped them in an envelope before but this was really flat.

Dan sent me this awesome, AWESOME Certificate of Appreciation. It is gorgeous. And makes me all teary eyed. This is going on the family pictures shelf. <3

* Insert happy "I AM SO PROUD OF YOU" dance here.


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