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At the doctor's today he told us to head in to the hospital tomorrow and have them induce me. YAY!

However, when we called the hospital to find out when would be a good time to come in, they were baffled as to why we'd be ready to induce at only 6 days late. How about because the kid is already bigger than any of the other kids that have been born at your hospital this month AND I CAN'T PUT ON MY OWN SOCKS AND MY EXTREMITIES ARE ALL SWOLLEN AND I COULD GO ON AND ON, YOU BASTARDS. *ahem*

We go in around 7am and they're going to have their own doctor look at the baby's heart rate and my condition and they'll make the decision about whether they'll induce me. They better not make me slap a bitch. Kid is done baking, and I am past done with the whole being pregnant thing.

But anyrate, Sam could be born as early as tomorrow. I spent the whole time, from when the doctor said "go tomorrow" until the hospital people rained on my parade, being ridiculously happy. I am now hopeful with an edge of "I will eat your liver." IF we get sent home I'll post again tomorrow and if I stay then I may try to get Jens ([livejournal.com profile] callmeal) to post tomorrow if he goes home.


Oct. 8th, 2009 12:28 pm
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I haven't posted in ages because really, how many times do folks want to hear about me feeling tired, fat, and cranky. But I figured I'd update since it's after the baby's due date and folks might want to know how things have been going. He's still in the belly, by the way.

Little Sam is doing fine, he doesn't have much room left but he still wiggles. The doc says his approximate weight is currently between 4200g (9lbs 4oz) and 4300g (9lbs 7oz).

A clip of conversation from the doctor's office: (translated)
Nurse: *looking at CDG* Oh, look at that, no signs of contractions. When is your due date?
Me: Yesterday.
Nurse: ... Oh.

I have an appointment to go back for anther CDG on Monday. Provided I haven't popped yet.

In other news, we have everything ready. Seriously. Just add baby. Car seat is in the car, as is the hospital bag. Crib, changing table, clothes, "just in case" formula. ALL READY TO GO! The house is even being maintained at a decent level of clean.

Also, they've torn up the road in front of our driveway so we have the Skoda parked at a neighbor's, who has a driveway on a different road. And, of course, the way to the hospital we've chosen is blocked off meaning we'll be taking a detour down a little road that is generally reserved for tractors. It's paved and in decent shape, so that's something. It'll just take longer to get there.

My day.

May. 26th, 2009 05:58 pm
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I was watching Gilmore Girls while I was making out the grocery list today. Not a particularly good idea. Anyway, Lane mentioned she'd rather have a Whopper than Kimchi and I suddenly had to have a Whopper. So I volunteered to do the grocery shopping by myself and hit Chemnitz, where they have a Burger King.

My car has no AC, normally this is not a problem because I'm hardly ever too warm here in Germany. But OH THE JOY OF HORMONES. I was burning up hot by the time I got there. I was pink and I couldn't tell if it was some sunburn from the drive or just being flushed from the heat. Anyway, I got my Whopper, with fries and a Sprite (with ICE <3<3<3) and then proceeded to the Grocery store.

I was happily filling up my cart with assorted fruits and vegetables when I had sudden and horrible stomach pain. I started sweating and toughing it out was NOT an option. I left my cart by the information desk and walked to the bathroom as quickly as possible. I got there in time, but it was not pretty. I wanted to cry my stomach hurt so bad. I somehow think it will be a long time before I eat a Whopper again.

I got the grocery shopping done, took forever because I kept forgetting where things are in this particular store. Then I loaded everything carefully in the car and came home. My In-laws had apparently worried about me, since they didn't expect me to take so long at the store. And my MIL insisted on helping me carry up groceries. She tried to take the heavy bags for me. It was very, very sweet.

After all of that, and putting the groceries away I am ridiculously tired. I'm seeing an early evening in my future.

New Pic!

May. 21st, 2009 11:57 am
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Another Pregnancy Pic for the curious )

It's me in my new sundress! One word of warning! I love this dress but it makes everything look bigger than it actually is.

Hair cuts!

May. 6th, 2009 08:18 pm
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There're plenty of things to post about, but for now you're getting our hair cut pics. Jens' hair turned out quite well, I think. Mine, I like. But it doesn't really look like the picture I took with me (Option 1).


Hair cut/Pregnancy pic )


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