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Also! Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Solstice! And anything else I left out have a wonderful one! <3<3<3<3
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Scene: Famous Dave's, Jens is eating corn on the cob with a fork and knife.

Mom: (shocked and slightly offended) You do NOT eat corn on the cob with a fork and knife! Pick it up and eat it with your hands! This is AMERICA!

I laughed SO HARD.

Much fun is being had, though it seems like there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything and see everyone.

I am starting to feel about ready to head home, though. Just to rest. Or maybe it's just the post Xmas Eve Walmart shopping talking. ;-P

Liz: I thought of you while eating KFC biscuits and the Colonel's Extra Crispy. <3<3<3
Dan: We thought of you at the Smithsonian Annex with the Enterprise and the SR-71. We snagged you a t-shirt. <3<3<3
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We're taking today to recover from all of our running around. Pity Jens because I've just about run him ragged. I have *just* finally managed to finish making my phone calls today. I am

We went up to DC yesterday and met up with Lara and Kate and had a lot of fun walking around and seeing the monuments and the Spy Museum. Will talk more about that later.

The Monte is fun to drive, things are good, if incredibly busy. Time to go finish up the laundry and straighten up our living area downstairs. Jens is the one who is chilling out in the chair working on grandma's computer some more. I'm still running around! I will probably sleep for a week when we get back to Germany. ;-)
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We were supposed to get in around 6pm on the 8th but that turned into 11pm and we didn't get to grandma's until almost midnight. But at least we got here safely.

Yesterday mom brought the car by. You will NOT believe what I get to drive for the next 3 weeks. A 2004 Monte Carlo SS. <3<3<3<3 Oh the fun I shall have.

Grandma helps out a girl from her church by babysitting her 3 year old once a week for free. I mention this because I want to take this little girl home with me. Adorable. She's painfully shy but she warmed up to me after her nap and we played for a couple of hours. She never warmed up to Jens but, at least by the end of the day, she stopped staring at him like he was going to pounce on her and devour her soul. She refers to him as "Somebody". Highly amusing.

Today, Jens changed grandma's lock on her door so her late husband's son can't come in and "rehome" things of value. He fixed her computer, he's going to put up a new light fixture over her sink, and see about installing her new toilet seats (shockingly tricky). We're also going to put up her tree and decorate it either today or tomorrow and take a couple of her animals to the vet. Busy busy!

I'm trying to call folks today and arrange getting to see people, I won't be able to read my flist for awhile, no time! But I did want to let folks know we're here and being kept busy! :-)


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