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2017 reading list

Those books in the list order:
The Outsiders
Freckle Juice
The Aeneid
I'm Judging You - The Do Better Manual
Aspire: 200 projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills
The Marriage Bureau for Rich People
The Lottery and Other Stories
Take It Like A Man
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Haunted Richmond,Virginia
Slaughterhouse 5
Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and Me, Elizabeth
Fat Girl
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
The Book of Imaginary Beings
Unf*ck Your Habitat - In progress
The Princess Diarist
Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened
The Portrait of Mr. W. H.
Night Watch
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So. OK. I'm now back from the hospital, what was supposed to be a 2-3 day thing was a week long, Thursday to Thursday. Not because I'm horribly ill, but because I'm a housewife. Apparently that means there's no rush, all I'm doing is raising a kid. Oh, I could rant.

Anyway, what I have is Pseudotumor Cerebri. Losing weight is a must, which makes me bizarrely and irrationally cranky despite the fact I have been wanting/trying to lose weight for forever, or maybe because of that. Gotta take my meds, and go see a nutritionist and "move more", which in theory should be easier since they drained 30 ml of fluid and put me on a medicine to help lower the fluid levels. I should be less fatigued and have less back, neck, and shoulder pain, fewer headaches, etc.

Mom is here, she stayed the first couple of days in Chemnitz so she could be close to the hospital, but after that she had to go back to my house. She did get to drive my new car up to see me, and she was very helpful to Jens and Monkey around the house.

In two weeks I have to go back and see the doctor at the hospital, a really excellent and competent man by the name of Angelski. Get checked out again and maybe have more blood drawn. And I need to call the eye doctor and get another appointment with them to have my eyes looked at again. Not looking forward to dealing with the bitchy receptionist there.

EDIT - AHAHAHA. Jens actually read the letter intended for my doctor. I HAVE TO GO BACK IN OVERNIGHT ON THE 2ND. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU
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Vacuum Monkey Room
Vacuum my room
Vacuum rugs
Vacuum sofa

Sweep bathroom
Sweep Kitchen
Sweep living room

Mop Living room
Mop Kitchen
Mop Bathroom

Scrub toilet
Scrub sink

wipe down bathroom surfaces
wipe down kitchen counters
wipe down living room surfaces

strip sofa
strip Monkey bed
strip my/Jens bed

Re-cover sofa
make Monkey bed
make my/Jens bed

Wash Monkey sheets
Wash Monkey Blankets
Wash Monkey Blankets
Wash my/Jens sheets

Hang out Couch blankets
Hang out Monkey sheets
Hang out Monkey Blankets
Hang out my/Jens sheets

Bring in and fold Couch blankets
Bring in and fold Monkey sheets
Bring in and fold Monkey Blankets
Bring in and fold my/Jens sheets

Put away Couch blankets
Put away Monkey sheets
Put away Monkey Blankets
Put away my/Jens sheets

Wash Monkey Laundry - In Progress
Wash My/Jens Laundry - In Progress

Dry/Hang Monkey Laundry - In Progress
Dry/Hang My/Jens Laundry - In Progress

Fold/Put away Monkey Laundry - In Progress
Fold/Put away My/Jens Laundry - In Progress

Put away Dishes
Wash Dishes
Put away Dishes

Make Casserole 1
Make Casserole 2 - 1/2 way done


May. 14th, 2015 07:35 pm
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OK. So my big plans have crashed and burned.

I did bust my butt Wednesday, cleaning out and scrubbing out cabinets and reorganizing. But everything I've done keeps getting undone, or looks like it anyway. And most of that list still is unfinished.

Today I have done ... nada really. I took a stab at the dog bar and cleaned one drawer of it. I then proceeded to lounge around and do nothing except make an Oreo Pie.

Tomorrow Jens and Sammy T will be out on the town for some Papa/Monkey time and I will be home. Ostensibly cleaning. We'll see.

OH! And something fun seems to have happened. Everything tastes OFF. Bitter, wrong and weird. Apparently this is a side effect of my meds. That this would hit roughly two weeks after I've switched meds ... supposedly they are the same but different names, different "inactive ingredients" and somehow effecting me differently, I'm gonna say they ARE NOT THE SAME.
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Monday - 1 unfinished item
Tuesday - 2 unfinished items

Ugh. So I had to do grocery shopping and didn't have time/energy to finish my list. And I have groceries that don't fit into the disorganized shelves just standing around making it look like I did hardly at anything. If at all possible today I'll be adding:
-Monkey toys straightened
-clean and organize pot/pan area
-clean and organize Tupperware area
to my list. It may be too much. It feels like too much.

HAHA. Just had to run to the store and get the last ingredient for the Irish stew I tossed in the crock pot. Also I'll be making some ridiculous fancy molasses bread from scratch because obvs I want to punish myself and completely undo all of the work I have done thus far.

-Monkey to Kita
-clean and organize dog bar
-clean dog feeding station and dishes
-clear out fridge/freezer and organize
-clean and organize cabinet over microwave
-pick up Monkey
-finish up anything unfinished
-clean windows in kitchen and living room
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Monday went well! I busted my ass cleaning. Jens comes home and, after being asked what he thinks, says in a noncommittal tone, "It's a good start." *twitch twitch*

Just have one thing left over to do: -Monkey toys straightened. I will put that off a bit though so I can get started on the Tuesday things.

-Monkey to Kita
-blankets back on sofa - technically belongs on Monday's list of accomplishments
-dishes put away and dishwasher filled/run
-clear counters/put things where they go/toss stuff out
-wipe down wall tiles/outside of cabinets
-clean microwave/assorted small appliances
-trash out
-sweep over and over and mop/vacuum rugs
-pick up Monkey
-clean and organize pot/pan area
-clean and organize Tupperware area
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-Monkey to Kita
-strip sofa/toss blankets in wash/hang out to dry
-Easter stuff put away
-all clothes OUT of living room
-sofa vacuumed
-coffee table cleared and cleaned
-floor cleared
-floor swept and mopped
-window sills and shelves cleared/straightened
-pick up Monkey
-Monkey books and DVDs straightened
-Monkey toys straightened
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-Monkey to Kita
-strip sofa/toss blankets in wash/hang out to dry
-Easter stuff put away
-all clothes OUT of living room
-floor cleared
-floor vacuumed and mopped
-Monkey toys straightened
-pick up Monkey
-Monkey books and DVDs straightened

-Monkey to Kita
-blankets back on sofa
-dishes put away and dishwasher filled/run
-clear counters/put things where they go/toss stuff out
-trash out
-sweep and mop/vacuum rugs
-clean and organize pot/pan area
-pick up Monkey
-clean and organize Tupperware area

-Monkey to Kita
-clean and organize dog bar
-clean dog feeding station and dishes
-clear out fridge/freezer and organize
-clean and organize cabinet over microwave
-pick up Monkey
-finish up anything unfinished
-clean windows in kitchen and living room

-Monkey goes outside with Papa
-too small summer clothes (Monkey's) packed up to donate
-Monkey room de-cluttered/all clothes put away
-Monkey bed stripped and redone
-bedclothes washed and dried and put away
-Monkey plant pruned
-Monkey floor vacuumed
-Monkey window washed
-clean house maintenance

-Send Monkey to Kita with Papa
-big bed stripped and redone
-bedclothes washed and dried and put away
-floor de-cluttered
-old clothes/boxes dealt with
-floor vacuumed
-wardrobe reorganized
-sewing table reorganized
-window washed

-F all y'all I'm sleeping in
-leisurely breakfast
-bitch about how he house is already messed up AND PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES DAMMIT
-lay on the sofa watching TV

-make Sunday morning breakfast
-clean bathroom
-Tidy up
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Adopt elderly dogs - name them after the Silver Horde
Foster dogs for rescues
Learn to window box garden
Be a size 16 or smaller for more than a year
Get certified as a translator
Have a work from home job
Learn to make a pretty cake
Finish a quilt
Learn basic bookkeeping - feel good about my money skills
Learn to rollerblade
Shave my head
Take a photography course
Learn to dance
Re-learn how to like cities


May. 21st, 2012 01:28 pm
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I got sick as a dog the other week. Stomach bug that started on Saturday and lasted until Monday, and a nasty cold that started up on Monday that is still clinging on.

That means there was no meeting with the lady at the other Kindergarten. I did however manage to lose 7 pounds in 3 days of stomach flu so I think that I can be forgiven for not doing, well anything, really.

This past Saturday we took Sammy T to the zoo in Leipzig. He was all about the elephants. He was dragging me along once we got in insisting that we go to the elephants. When we got there, he was really quiet and his eyes were huge. I think he was suitably impressed! Long story short, it was a really nice zoo and we had a lot of fun, but it was really tiring.

I've been trying to come up with a list of 100 things I want to do/change over the next year/two years. I'm up to 34. Quite a few of them are big things, which means I could break them down into smaller steps, and I think I will try to do so, but later when I'm not trying to get my house back in order.
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*sigh* I have no reasons or excuses today. I haven't managed to incorporate all of the changes together for a single day, nor have I managed to follow through with any of the individual changes for the entire week. Not even the ones that I was so sure about being able to do reliably. *sighs*

Things change never-the-less, maybe I'm going about this wrong. Maybe I should make a list of 100 Changes I want to make, say over a year or two? And then I could work on them one by one without feeling quite so ... rushed, I guess. Giving myself a week to make a certain change and then adding the next one doesn't seem to be working. I'll see that I can come up with.

Speaking of changes:

One thing that I have been trying to do for awhile is work with the kids at the Kindergarten as a volunteer and help out the English teacher. I was told today that the teacher really does not want help. PERIOD. However, the Kindergarten over in Leubsdorf is looking for someone to help out with English for an hour a week. I could totes do that! I'll be meeting up with the head of the Kindergarten on Monday to discuss what they are looking for and what I have to offer. Even at one hour a week THAT WOULD BE A HUGE CHANGE.
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Doing really, really good about not eating after 6pm.

Logging my foods is getting spotty. I'm going to have to work on getting that one into a real habit. As I have for the first time in months spaced and forgotten to put on my FitBit (the first time since I got it) I'm skipping recording today and will begin again tomorrow.

As for my moving more/dance and cleaning hour, I am sick. My darling plague monkey brought me home a cold that has knocked me on my ass. I've spent most of the past 3 days asleep trying to shake it. I made a big can of soup, toasted some bread, and peeled 2 oranges for lunch for the three of us today and I've been on the couch trying to recoup my energy.

I was going to try to add in at least one more change this week but I'm going to hold off until I have these three down.
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This sounds like something interesting. I've been needing to make some changes around here. So why not change 100 things and post how I do on LJ. I need to change some unhealthy habits, I need to get into healthy ones. I need to get out of this unproductive funk I've been in. I'm not sure right now what every change will be but there are enough things that need changing that it shouldn't be that hard to come up with 100. This will be spanning eating habits, exercise, TV and computer time, reading, making things (quilting, crochet and cooking), cleaning house, and anything else I can think of to improve myself and my life!

A new year.

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:04 am
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I settled in to type up a post about things from last year, and my resolutions for the new year but I go to type and all the thoughts I want to put down just vanish. Where to start ...

Weight loss:
I had some success in the last year, I actually got under 200*. I'm back up over that now. I sort of lost all my will power and motivation. I stopped weighing in. I stopped working out. I stopped cooking and started eating frozen foods. Also, Sammy has been given more chocolate for christmas than any two year old should have in a year. Jens and I have been helping him out with that. Because we're good parents you understand. Really. *shifty eyes*

Which brings me to my health/weight loss resolutions.
1) Start cooking! I have healthy cookbooks, and I will use them.
2) Start exercising! Sammy will be going back to preschool (aka Kindergarten) and I will have my mornings to myself again. Mom got me the DVD box set of Louise Solomon Yogalates and I'm looking forward to telling her that it was not money wasted.
3) Start weighing in weekly! It really helps me to stay motivated, and prevents weight from creeping back on.

Around the house:
I am not a great housewife, I try to do the best I can as a mom. The mom thing has gotten better with the introductions of Venlafaxin (aka Effexor) and a half to a whole sleeping pill** every night for a couple of weeks now. The housewife thing has gotten worse. Apparently I relied on my anxiety to compel me to keep the house in decent shape. Who knew.

Which brings me to my around the house resolutions.
1) Make a regular cleaning schedule! My goal is to spend a total of one hour a day cleaning. With Sammy in Kindergarten I should be able to do that.
2) Get Sammy into swimming lessons this year.
3) Be more consistent with potty training.

Annnnnnd that's all I got. Happy New Year! :-D

* Technically by being ill, but it should have been maintainable.
** Sleep makes a huge difference in the way I feel and the things can do with Sammy.
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Alright. Sammy T has been going to "Kindergarten" which is the German equivalent of preschool for about a week. Since he's getting used to it he has only stayed for about an hour WITH me per day. This week was supposed to be one hour by himself with the teachers and kids. Now, his lips have been looking funky for a few days and I thought they were just chapped but since he won't leave the chapstick on I had planned to take him to the doctor to have them looked at. Maybe she could tell me what to do for him.

This morning, I was a mess. Seriously. I took him down there and got him settled in. He was happily playing and I was gestured at to slip out. I had no idea what to do after that. Was I supposed to sit and wait out in the coatroom in case they needed me? Go home? I had no idea. I went and got my coat on. Stepped outside into the drizzly rain. And turned around and came back in a panic. WHAT IF. What if I was supposed to wait? What if they needed me back? WHAT IF SAMMY WAS CRYING INCONSOLABLY? I sat in the coat room until one of the teachers ventured out for something. I asked, what do I do? She said I could wait or maybe it would be better if I took a walk. I probably looked like a nut-job, I could tell I was on the verge of tears.

So, I went home got a couple of things together since I was supposed to take Sammy to the doctor right after Kindergarten. Drove down to the post office on my way, only to find that they were not yet open. Picked up baked goods because, let's face it, in the face of panic-y tearful insanity not much soothes like pastries. Drove back to the Kindergarten and waited quietly in the coatroom until they were ready for me.

Now, Sammy had a great time without me. He played nicely, helped pick up toys, ate his fruit and drank his tea. He even sat on the potty for five minutes with no pants on, without having a fit. The teachers were thrilled that it went so amazingly well. I was relieved. I also felt stupid for panicking and felt a little bit sad for no sane reason. He took his medicine for the car ride and played with the kids for a few minutes more giving it time to kick in.

We get to the doctor's office (having popped in at the post office on the way) and I realize I forgot his little yellow notebook I'm supposed to give them every time we go in. Luckily I was already tired from the earlier frothing and ridiculousness, also I had eaten half a raisin pastry covered in sugar, so I was able to take it in stride. We go in, get seen after nearly an hour's wait. Sammy has Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Apparently this has been a going thing at the Kindergarten and no one bothered to tell me. I mean, is it too much to expect a teacher to give you a heads up, "Hey there's a contagion going around if you see these symptoms take your kid to the doctor!"

Do you remember the part where I said he wouldn't leave the chapstick on? Guess whose chapstick that was? Guess who was still using it? MINE. Fucking A. No kisses. No more Kindergarten until next week. We may need to start over again from scratch meaning I need to come sit in again for a week.

We had to make a few stops on the way home, had to hit 2 pharmacies to pick up the mouth gel prescribed by the doctor since the first place didn't have it in stock. Popped back in to the Kindergarten to drop off the sick note. This wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have a hell of a time getting Sammy in and out of the car seat. He hates the car seat. But then again if I had a tendency to vomit every time I got in the car* I'd hate it too. On the plus side, no vomit today!

Got him in the house, fed and off to bed. Now I can have a cup of chill-the-fuck-out herbal tea and hope the rest of the day gets better.

*Motion sickness. Hence the medication, which only works so-so.
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Sammy is down for a nap, though for how much longer I have no idea. He's decided to re-do his whole nap schedule thing and I'm just along for the ride.

October is coming up quick. Normally I'd start packing now, but uh ... I don't have so many clothes anymore, and frankly neither do Jens and Sammy. If I packed now I'd just have to unpack and repack endlessly until the 9th. I am, however, beginning to hoard the necessities and tiny gifts for family and friends. I'm also trying to figure out how things will work with all the travel we'll be doing. That second week there will be killer!*

On the snot plague front I'm pretty much all better. I'm still having lingering ear issues but odds are that'll fix itself before the 10th.

*The Schedule )
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OK. I'm sick. I feel like crap. Making plans makes me feel better. Anybody want to schedule a day to get together in October? I'll put the schedule under an LJ cut and folks can leave a comment to reserve a day for fun!

The Schedule )
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We have achieved plane fare! We wanted to be there for Xmas but it didn't pan out with Jens' vacation. We will, however, be in VA from Oct 10th until Oct 30th.

I know this is waaaay early but if anyone wants to get together please don't leave it until the last minute. 2008 was crazy, I had a freaking appointment book full of people and places to be and I still didn't get to see everyone. I really don't want things to be so hectic this time with the Pumpkin and all. Luckily, we'll be staying in PG for most of the visit, so there can be more time spent hanging out and less time spent driving.

Already on the schedule (at least tentatively):
There will be a couple of days spent up at Grandma's so Williamsburg shopping is absolutely still on the table.

At least one day will be spent with Aunt Jan up in Richmond.

Hopefully one weekend will be a hanging out with Liz weekend, if she is able to fly out.

At least one day will be spent up in Charlottesville visiting Dan and Monticello.

One day will hopefully be put aside for family photos.

We want to spend just one night somewhere without the Pumpkin. Maybe one of the Plantation B&B's.

With luck some places will be doing Halloween on Friday the 29th and I'll get to take pumpkin around, aside from Trick or Treating I'm not planning to do much that day since I'll need all my energy and wits to fly home with the Pumpkin the next day.


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