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Aug. 10th, 2013 08:14 pm
melcena: (Warm sun)
*Me, Jens, and Sammy T, in the car, In one Ear - Cage the Elephant playing on the iPod*
Me: (to Jens) I'm really glad Sammy isn't paying attention to the music or he would have just learned the S-word and the F-word.
Jens: *changing the song* (to Sammy) Do you know the F-word?
Sammy: Ja!
Me: *Thinking: Oh god, I'm a bad mom!*
Jens: What is it?
Sammy: Flughafen! (Airport in German.)
Jens: And the S-word, do you know the S-word?
Sammy: Ja!
Jens: What is it? What is the S-word?
Sammy: Me! Samuel!

We then stopped trying to keep the laughter in. Best kid ever.


Oct. 4th, 2012 08:01 pm
melcena: (Tea Time)
Since Disney Junior started up a little Pooh bedtime story show we've been watching the evening sign off song. OMG SO ADORABLE. LET ME SHARE IT WITH YOU!

melcena: (Dancing)
Since we started putting Sammy T to bed at 8pm instead of 7pm he's sleeping later in the mornings. This means that I can start my day without having someone screaming at me/for me. It is the most awesome thing, not being harried every morning, I have time to wake up and sip a cup of hot tea. Heavenly.

I took Sammy T to Kindergarten, and talked to Frau Helm who had arranged (and postponed for me) the a meeting in Leubsdorf to discuss me helping out with another Kindergarten's English program. She called up Frau Rein and and spoke briefly and then asked if today at 9am was good for me. Which, it was! I came home and changed clothes and worked on my breathing. I was pouring buckets of sweat, as I do now whenever I get nervous. But I managed to talk myself down and by the time I left I felt good about going.

When I got there Frau Rein was happy to see me and started asking me if I had a certificate in English, I had to explain I was a native English speaker and an English major to boot! Oh, was she happy. Their English teacher had retired. They need someone to take over the program and teach two classes one in Leubsdorf and one in Hohenfichte. At this point I was starting to feel panicked again. I just wanted to volunteer to help out a bit!

So I'll be starting with the class in Hohenfichte and Frau Rein will be coming with me to the first couple of classes and helping out. Then I'm on my own and we'll see about doing the class in Leubsdorf later. It's exciting! And it's terrifying! It will be good for me.

THEN! Around lunch time, the UPS guy came and rang the doorbell. My very dear friend Dan WHO IS GRADUATING FROM HARVARD LAW SCHOOL THIS WEEK* had mentioned on Facebook that I should expect UPS on Thursday. We had talked about him getting a shirt for Sammy T from the Harvard gift shop, so I was happily thinking how adorable Sammy was going to be in a Harvard shirt. I was handed this large flat envelope. My grandma has folded clothes flat and shipped them in an envelope before but this was really flat.

Dan sent me this awesome, AWESOME Certificate of Appreciation. It is gorgeous. And makes me all teary eyed. This is going on the family pictures shelf. <3

* Insert happy "I AM SO PROUD OF YOU" dance here.


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