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Sammy had a blast at the zoo today. He was thrilled about riding on the train, though he wanted it to go faster and make fewer stops. LOL

He was nervous about the tram, but was eager to get back on it the second time around.

He had a lot of fun at the Zoo, we did a few laps around and saw all of the animals we could find. He was excited about the elephants, but did not want to see them any closer. He went on every slide we came across, climbed on a few things and got to pet some sheep. He really liked the exhibits with fish, and of course the penguins are always a favorite. He tried to help an adventurous kid get back to his mother, which the kid didn't want to do. And he played with some other kids as he came across them. He also begged money off of me and Oma to play on the coin operated digging machine and the coin operated bumper cars. He tried to boss Oma into crawling around on hands and knees and playing with him a few times, that was a no go, but I got down and crawled around because I thought I was still young enough. Dude, I know now why my mom had kids in her early 20's. Holy crap.

We didn't make it to the little train in the Gro├če Garten, it was too much for one day. We did hit the gift shop and picked out a post card for him to take in to Kindergarten when he goes back, and some animal stickers to put on his wall. Oma said he couldn't have a stuffed animal because he has enough, she then got him a fire engine. *shakes her head*

On the train Sammy kept saying he wasn't tired, as he was yawning and trying to keep his eyes open, I was amused. He's been running imaginary trains since we got home, in the tub he was driving the Octonauts around and everywhere the Gup-A stopped he made train announcements. He wants to go back tomorrow. Oma suggested we do it again for his birthday, I think that may be a solid plan.

A WTF from our fun day at the Zoo in Dresden: From the top of a little tower, Sammy is trying to convince another little boy to get out of his rented zoo stroller and join him. Having just watched the kid be put in the cart a few minutes before I discouraged him, then I noticed Random Boy's Oma who had put him in said stroller was on a bench several feet away playing on a smart phone. The boy was obviously bored and when he sees a little bird on the walkway he gets excited and starts calling out to his Oma for her to share in this exciting bird experience. Her response was essentially, "Yeah yeah, I see it." Followed by a short glance up and a very short, "I saw it." To hush the kid up. Poor kid went back to looking sad and bored, and we walked on leaving Oma to her terribly important phone fiddling. Who does that?! Poor kid.
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So. I posted about the minor surgery that went well, and fell off the earth. I am so freaking sick it's pathetic. A day or so after my post I caught some sort of stomach bug from my little plague monkey*. Started with diarrhea, and general stomach issues. Then it got ugly. Couldn't eat. Couldn't sit or stand without nausea and dry heaving. A house call from the doctor neighbor and some medications he had on hand got the stomach bug more or less squared away and now I've moved on to the next plague. You see, along with this stomach bug came a cold that has ramped up as I have been getting better, it has turned into a sinus infection.

I am now on various medications. I am supposed to rest and not try to get things done. Also drink plenty of fluids.

My MIL has been a huge help. If not for her Sammy would be staying home because I am not well enough to take him to preschool, but on the flip side I am so not up to taking care of him on my own either. I almost puked on him trying to change his diaper the other day.

Sammy is battling with this cold too. I may need to take him to the doctor next monday. My MIL says she thinks he's getting better, though, so maybe not. He's definitely not as sick as I am but he's got a cough that has been worrying me.



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