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Oct. 8th, 2009 12:28 pm
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I haven't posted in ages because really, how many times do folks want to hear about me feeling tired, fat, and cranky. But I figured I'd update since it's after the baby's due date and folks might want to know how things have been going. He's still in the belly, by the way.

Little Sam is doing fine, he doesn't have much room left but he still wiggles. The doc says his approximate weight is currently between 4200g (9lbs 4oz) and 4300g (9lbs 7oz).

A clip of conversation from the doctor's office: (translated)
Nurse: *looking at CDG* Oh, look at that, no signs of contractions. When is your due date?
Me: Yesterday.
Nurse: ... Oh.

I have an appointment to go back for anther CDG on Monday. Provided I haven't popped yet.

In other news, we have everything ready. Seriously. Just add baby. Car seat is in the car, as is the hospital bag. Crib, changing table, clothes, "just in case" formula. ALL READY TO GO! The house is even being maintained at a decent level of clean.

Also, they've torn up the road in front of our driveway so we have the Skoda parked at a neighbor's, who has a driveway on a different road. And, of course, the way to the hospital we've chosen is blocked off meaning we'll be taking a detour down a little road that is generally reserved for tractors. It's paved and in decent shape, so that's something. It'll just take longer to get there.
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melcena: (Ducks of the Apocalypse)
Rammstein is touring this fall! TOURING! AND I CAN'T GO! :'-(

I told Jens we can go and take 6 week old Sam (YES IT'S A BOY). They can stay in a hotel and I can rejoin them after the concert. He said no, he wasn't going to go and stay in the hotel with the baby. Then I suggested that we take Sam and get him signed! Jens said, he's pretty sure he'd get custody, of Sam and the dog. And he'd ship me home to my mother and have them file crazy papers on me.
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I don't recall if I mentioned picking up an application for the upcoming inventory nights at the big grocery store a couple towns over, but we did. This was before we knew about Timmeh. They had called once to remind me to get my application in, and I was still considering it. After I had talked about it with my mom, however, it was decided that staying up two nights in a row might be more stress than would be good at this particular time. Which brings us to last night.

They called back to remind me about the application again and Jens relayed to them that I would not be coming to work for them for non-specific reasons. The woman then got angry that I would not be applying and demanded that I return the application since I would not be using it. Buh, what?

I have never even heard of someone getting upset that a potential applicant chose not to apply after all. And demanding that the application be returned? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Jens looked it over in case it was an original or something, nope, just a copy. Crazy mofo-ing Germans.

We took it back today after my doctor's visit, I didn't want irate follow up calls.

Which brings us to the doctor's visit!

Timmeh Talk and pic below! )
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Timmeh is the little black spot in the middle. If you click on it and go to the bigger picture you can see the little dotted line cutting through where the doctor was measuring. Jens says he's 3 and a half millimeters.

We go back next Friday, because next week Timmeh should have a heart beat!

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Feb. 2nd, 2009 06:33 pm
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Made a new recipe tonight, Hamburger Buddy. It's quite good actually! I may put it on my list of things to make in March.

I've cleaned house a bit today, or I really should say I cleaned the kitchen. And then cooked. So the kitchen is back to being in need of a cleaning. I need to clean the living room, I may get to that tomorrow.

TMI Lady doctor visit )
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Two SOLID pink lines*. I hope it sticks, and yes LJing it early again as I haven't been to the doctor but DAMMIT I'M EXCITED AND SHARING IT!!!

*(American pregnancy test not German this go 'round. The German one was blue.)


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