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Home again!

May. 3rd, 2016 05:52 pm
melcena: (Warm sun)
Only 2 days (one night) this go 'round. Turns out the first medication he put me on has to be dialed back because it's doing a number on my kidneys. Cutting it by half and adding Topamax. Since my regular doctor is on vacation this week, I have to go see if the mean doctor will just write a damned prescription. I also have been told that I need to be losing 5 kilos a month. And if I'm not 5 kilos lighter by the 30th I will get royally bitched out and possibly sent on a 3 week "cure" (fat camp- low cal food, lots of exercise).

I was at the eye clinic from shortly before 9am until shortly after 2pm. If I don't eat in regular intervals I feel sick and terrible. After a breakfast of a portion of yogurt and 2 filinchen, not getting to eat until 2:20 was even worse. I felt better once I'd eaten but better just means I didn't want to vomit up my water and stomach bile. I'm still feeling really crappy. Since I have to go back and do all of this again on the 30th I now know to pack a lunch and take it with me.

So tired.


Nov. 10th, 2014 12:48 pm
melcena: (Warm sun)
Went to the doc and waited a little more than 2 and a half hours. Finally got in there around the time I needed to get moving to pick up Sammy. Stressful.

Anyway, here Bupropion (Zyban) is only for quitting smoking. She looked for other meds and could find nothing that didn't have excessive weight gain as a side effect, and since I told her what it's used for in the US she agreed, despite misgivings, to let me give it a try. Because it's only for quitting smoking and not mental health issues I have to pay for it on my own, and it's 67€ and change. Which is doable but annoying.

She told me that my ecigs are a horrible idea and went on about chemicals and I should quit them. Which I think I will for 30 days while I'm on the Bupropion. She also said I need to seriously up my vit D dosage and keep taking the B vitamins.

Going to stroll to the store and the pharmacy in a little bit and pick up the new vit D and the Bupropion. Then I think I will sit under my sun lamp and vegetate because I have zero energy.

Other advice from the doctor was weight-loss related, I should cook only with coconut fat and cut out all other sources from my diet, no butter, no eggs, no animal fat, no other cooking oils ... this sounds sketchy as hell to me. I will peruse the internets and see what they have to say about her advice.

A new year.

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:04 am
melcena: (Winter Days)
I settled in to type up a post about things from last year, and my resolutions for the new year but I go to type and all the thoughts I want to put down just vanish. Where to start ...

Weight loss:
I had some success in the last year, I actually got under 200*. I'm back up over that now. I sort of lost all my will power and motivation. I stopped weighing in. I stopped working out. I stopped cooking and started eating frozen foods. Also, Sammy has been given more chocolate for christmas than any two year old should have in a year. Jens and I have been helping him out with that. Because we're good parents you understand. Really. *shifty eyes*

Which brings me to my health/weight loss resolutions.
1) Start cooking! I have healthy cookbooks, and I will use them.
2) Start exercising! Sammy will be going back to preschool (aka Kindergarten) and I will have my mornings to myself again. Mom got me the DVD box set of Louise Solomon Yogalates and I'm looking forward to telling her that it was not money wasted.
3) Start weighing in weekly! It really helps me to stay motivated, and prevents weight from creeping back on.

Around the house:
I am not a great housewife, I try to do the best I can as a mom. The mom thing has gotten better with the introductions of Venlafaxin (aka Effexor) and a half to a whole sleeping pill** every night for a couple of weeks now. The housewife thing has gotten worse. Apparently I relied on my anxiety to compel me to keep the house in decent shape. Who knew.

Which brings me to my around the house resolutions.
1) Make a regular cleaning schedule! My goal is to spend a total of one hour a day cleaning. With Sammy in Kindergarten I should be able to do that.
2) Get Sammy into swimming lessons this year.
3) Be more consistent with potty training.

Annnnnnd that's all I got. Happy New Year! :-D

* Technically by being ill, but it should have been maintainable.
** Sleep makes a huge difference in the way I feel and the things can do with Sammy.


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