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My stab at translating the commercial on the fly:

"This is for those who refuse to give up anything, who eat until they're full, who truly love to live a colorful life, and have everything that they that they want right now. You don't want to count calories? Then don't! With "Du Darfst" (the brand name means " You're allowed") you can enjoy without worry, because "Du Darfst" means you don't have to do anything! Just grab some! (Probably actually closer to "dig in" but then the grabbing visual wouldn't make sense.)"

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Sammy had a blast at the zoo today. He was thrilled about riding on the train, though he wanted it to go faster and make fewer stops. LOL

He was nervous about the tram, but was eager to get back on it the second time around.

He had a lot of fun at the Zoo, we did a few laps around and saw all of the animals we could find. He was excited about the elephants, but did not want to see them any closer. He went on every slide we came across, climbed on a few things and got to pet some sheep. He really liked the exhibits with fish, and of course the penguins are always a favorite. He tried to help an adventurous kid get back to his mother, which the kid didn't want to do. And he played with some other kids as he came across them. He also begged money off of me and Oma to play on the coin operated digging machine and the coin operated bumper cars. He tried to boss Oma into crawling around on hands and knees and playing with him a few times, that was a no go, but I got down and crawled around because I thought I was still young enough. Dude, I know now why my mom had kids in her early 20's. Holy crap.

We didn't make it to the little train in the Gro├če Garten, it was too much for one day. We did hit the gift shop and picked out a post card for him to take in to Kindergarten when he goes back, and some animal stickers to put on his wall. Oma said he couldn't have a stuffed animal because he has enough, she then got him a fire engine. *shakes her head*

On the train Sammy kept saying he wasn't tired, as he was yawning and trying to keep his eyes open, I was amused. He's been running imaginary trains since we got home, in the tub he was driving the Octonauts around and everywhere the Gup-A stopped he made train announcements. He wants to go back tomorrow. Oma suggested we do it again for his birthday, I think that may be a solid plan.

A WTF from our fun day at the Zoo in Dresden: From the top of a little tower, Sammy is trying to convince another little boy to get out of his rented zoo stroller and join him. Having just watched the kid be put in the cart a few minutes before I discouraged him, then I noticed Random Boy's Oma who had put him in said stroller was on a bench several feet away playing on a smart phone. The boy was obviously bored and when he sees a little bird on the walkway he gets excited and starts calling out to his Oma for her to share in this exciting bird experience. Her response was essentially, "Yeah yeah, I see it." Followed by a short glance up and a very short, "I saw it." To hush the kid up. Poor kid went back to looking sad and bored, and we walked on leaving Oma to her terribly important phone fiddling. Who does that?! Poor kid.
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So, apparently despite thinking about this and discussing it ad nauseam at home, I didn't manage to let folks know about getting my tubes tied! Yeah. They're tied! I'd do a little dance but I'm not up for that yet.

I am VERY HAPPY with this decision. :-D I do however, have more fun stories to tell about German medicine and medical personnel.

The surgery took place at the doctor's office, not at a hospital. The visiting doctor who would be doing my surgery seemed, well, brusque. But that's not unusual for Germany. She* seemed peeved by my difficult veins and I got stabbed (the woman was NOT gentle) in the hand multiple times while she bitched about my veins and barked at me in german about making a proper fist. I got the distinct impression that it was my fault she was having trouble, I mean surely I was rolling my veins ON PURPOSE.

The surgery iself went well, though I have some lovely bruises on my hand and, I noticed this morning, some bizarre marks on my upper arm that must have been left from the blood presure cuff.

I got home and realized after a while that they had forgotten to give me the follow-up painkiller, for you know, the follow-up pain. I took a couple of advil since I couldn't reach the doctor (male/neighbor) and when Jens went over to ask since he saw the doctor's wife outside ... the painkiller IS Ibuprofen. 600mg. You know, 3 Advil.FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

So I supplemented that with some tylenol to be able to sleep and move without agony. I told Jens, next time there's a surgery he's up for it. I'm so done!

Now I'm trying to recouperate with a sad, sick, clingy toddler. Oh the joy.

*When I had the presurgery talk about DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THIS ARE YOU SURE???? The doctor was wearing pink scrubs, I am assuming that it was the doctor trying to get a vein because without my glasses on all I could distinguish was the color of the scrubs!

Short post!

May. 9th, 2011 05:30 pm
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I started writing out an very angry post about my morning, but since I got to rant to Liz about it the urgency and rage dissipated quite a bit. The bare bones overview was waiting 2 hours to see the doctor, essentially have my concerns dismissed and be told I eat too much and need to exercise everyday. Since she's saying 1200-1500 calories is too much (WTF FOR SRS) I think I'll be looking for a second opinion.

And on to happy stuff! Sammy T had his playgroup today and made a couple of friends. A boy named Daniel and a girl whose name I did not catch. Daniel's mom was very nice and invited me back to the church run group she goes to (it's not really an ideal fit for her either but she says it's good for the kids). She and I may have some play-dates with the kids in the future. She's not from around here (West Germany) and is always looking to make new friends. :-D
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My son. My one and only offspring. Is having a ball sitting with his Oma and Opa, listening with all appearance of joy and fascination to German Volksmusik. This song amongst others.

Why are ears not removable?

[Poll #1614625]
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At the doctor's today he told us to head in to the hospital tomorrow and have them induce me. YAY!

However, when we called the hospital to find out when would be a good time to come in, they were baffled as to why we'd be ready to induce at only 6 days late. How about because the kid is already bigger than any of the other kids that have been born at your hospital this month AND I CAN'T PUT ON MY OWN SOCKS AND MY EXTREMITIES ARE ALL SWOLLEN AND I COULD GO ON AND ON, YOU BASTARDS. *ahem*

We go in around 7am and they're going to have their own doctor look at the baby's heart rate and my condition and they'll make the decision about whether they'll induce me. They better not make me slap a bitch. Kid is done baking, and I am past done with the whole being pregnant thing.

But anyrate, Sam could be born as early as tomorrow. I spent the whole time, from when the doctor said "go tomorrow" until the hospital people rained on my parade, being ridiculously happy. I am now hopeful with an edge of "I will eat your liver." IF we get sent home I'll post again tomorrow and if I stay then I may try to get Jens ([livejournal.com profile] callmeal) to post tomorrow if he goes home.
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I don't recall if I mentioned picking up an application for the upcoming inventory nights at the big grocery store a couple towns over, but we did. This was before we knew about Timmeh. They had called once to remind me to get my application in, and I was still considering it. After I had talked about it with my mom, however, it was decided that staying up two nights in a row might be more stress than would be good at this particular time. Which brings us to last night.

They called back to remind me about the application again and Jens relayed to them that I would not be coming to work for them for non-specific reasons. The woman then got angry that I would not be applying and demanded that I return the application since I would not be using it. Buh, what?

I have never even heard of someone getting upset that a potential applicant chose not to apply after all. And demanding that the application be returned? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Jens looked it over in case it was an original or something, nope, just a copy. Crazy mofo-ing Germans.

We took it back today after my doctor's visit, I didn't want irate follow up calls.

Which brings us to the doctor's visit!

Timmeh Talk and pic below! )


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