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Nov. 20th, 2016 09:06 am
melcena: (Warm sun)
So, last night there was a minor monkey-mergency. Basically, he was too asleep to make it to the bathroom, so he peed in his doorway, stripped off his clothes and face planted back on top of his blankets. Naked.

This caused much panic from the spousal unit who was still awake. Which led to me being woken up and shoved toward the monkey room. I checked the bed for wet spots, got fresh jammies on the monkey, grabbed up his wet clothes, all while Jens was sopping up the puddle. Then I sprinkled baking soda liberally, because children and puppies are not so different no matter what most folks say, let's be honest here.

And before I went back to bed I had a chat with Jens, along the lines of, "Why did you need to get me up for that?" Apparently, the way I can't see what needs to be done when it comes to electronics and the fixing thereof, he can't see what needs to be done with a naked monkey and a pile of pee soaked clothes. That's MOM STUFF.

Fast forward to this morning, I'm juggling all the breakfast stuff to get a hot breakfast to the monkey and spouse. Eggs, maple bacon, croissants, and coffee for Jens and I. They're eating while I'm fetching milk for monkey and pouring coffee so that I can sit down to my considerably cooler breakfast of eggs, bacon, and croissants. And I come back in with the awesome mug my bestie, Liz, got me. It says, "I'm a MOM. What's your super power?"

Monkey reads this and immediately goes, "Being a mom is NOT a super power." And Jens pipes up, "UH. Yes it is. Last night when you were naked and on top of your covers it looked like one to me!"

And I am pointing out to this child that I do a lot that he doesn't notice, he just thinks things magically happen around the house (much like Oma's perma-stocked cupboards I had to educate him on the other day). And he, remembering what I told him before, says "Nothing happens by magic!"

"That's right! People do it! I do it! There's work that gets done that you don't notice!"

And Jens says, "A sufficiently advanced mother is indistinguishable from magic." <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Some days, there are huge perks to being married to a geek. Also, I need this on a mug. NEED. IT.
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I have a bad habit of trying to push anything I might stress about to the back of my mind. If I'm not thinking about it I can stress about it right? Haha, no. Trying not to let myself worry about the hospital visit tomorrow, trying not to panic about leaving the house in such a mess because I'm not quite up to doing another cleaning binge. And I had nightmares all night last night. Like terrible "I had a baby and it got murdered" kind of nightmares. In one I was supposed to go to the hospital the next day to be checked in for tests and stuff but I was getting arrested because I drove like a maniac and ran red lights and almost ran folks over trying to get my baby (a girl btw) to the hospital. And don't think my brain left out the anxiety of filling out forms endlessly while panicking about the baby. No no, my brain doesn't do half measures.

So I woke up smelling blood. And I'm like goddamn it brain take it down a notch. Sit up. Niagara falls of blood suddenly down my face. On my pajamas (top and bottoms), on and in my house shoes ... booked it to the bathroom with a hand cupped under my nose trying to catch all I could so I wouldn't leave a blood trail down the hall.

Had to get on with the day, starting laundry to get the blood out and then getting on clothes and starting breakfast. Burned the butter in the pan while Jens was whisking the eggs managed to time everything just right so that I never had half a second to get my coffee going and I was constantly worried I would burn all of breakfast.

Then I get on Facebook and I'm reading so much tragedy and trying to focus on some of the good things and funny things and a friend puts up this thing on Pseudo-science calling gravity a toxin and I cracked up. And then in the comments was this GEM: http://sebpearce.com/bullshit/. New-Age Bullshit Generator. That made my morning I laughed so hard. I had to come change all my LJ stuff to various quotes.

I've eaten, had some coffee. Still feeling stressed but the panic has subsided. Got stuff to do, but Jens will be helping. I was kind of flailing around in the kitchen, all my counters covered in clutter, stressing about getting it clean and he said, "It's not just your responsibility. I DO live here too." Mind blown.
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Vacuum Monkey Room
Vacuum my room
Vacuum rugs
Vacuum sofa

Sweep bathroom
Sweep Kitchen
Sweep living room

Mop Living room
Mop Kitchen
Mop Bathroom

Scrub toilet
Scrub sink

wipe down bathroom surfaces
wipe down kitchen counters
wipe down living room surfaces

strip sofa
strip Monkey bed
strip my/Jens bed

Re-cover sofa
make Monkey bed
make my/Jens bed

Wash Monkey sheets
Wash Monkey Blankets
Wash Monkey Blankets
Wash my/Jens sheets

Hang out Couch blankets
Hang out Monkey sheets
Hang out Monkey Blankets
Hang out my/Jens sheets

Bring in and fold Couch blankets
Bring in and fold Monkey sheets
Bring in and fold Monkey Blankets
Bring in and fold my/Jens sheets

Put away Couch blankets
Put away Monkey sheets
Put away Monkey Blankets
Put away my/Jens sheets

Wash Monkey Laundry - In Progress
Wash My/Jens Laundry - In Progress

Dry/Hang Monkey Laundry - In Progress
Dry/Hang My/Jens Laundry - In Progress

Fold/Put away Monkey Laundry - In Progress
Fold/Put away My/Jens Laundry - In Progress

Put away Dishes
Wash Dishes
Put away Dishes

Make Casserole 1
Make Casserole 2 - 1/2 way done
melcena: (Warm sun)
- paper, plastics, and compost out
- dirty dishrags down and in the wash
- all out of date stuff out of fridge
- counters cleared and wiped
- microwave cleaned
- dishes washed
- floors swept and mopped
- extra food stuffs that won't fit in the cabinets relocated
- rugs vacuumed
- dog bar cleaned
- under dog bar cleaned
- dog dishes washed

Living room:
- couch stripped and vacuumed
- blankets washed
- floors swept and mopped
- monkey toys put away
- all clothes OUT and stowed in bedrooms
- desk cleared
- shelves straightened
- rug vacuumed


May. 14th, 2015 07:35 pm
melcena: (Warm sun)
OK. So my big plans have crashed and burned.

I did bust my butt Wednesday, cleaning out and scrubbing out cabinets and reorganizing. But everything I've done keeps getting undone, or looks like it anyway. And most of that list still is unfinished.

Today I have done ... nada really. I took a stab at the dog bar and cleaned one drawer of it. I then proceeded to lounge around and do nothing except make an Oreo Pie.

Tomorrow Jens and Sammy T will be out on the town for some Papa/Monkey time and I will be home. Ostensibly cleaning. We'll see.

OH! And something fun seems to have happened. Everything tastes OFF. Bitter, wrong and weird. Apparently this is a side effect of my meds. That this would hit roughly two weeks after I've switched meds ... supposedly they are the same but different names, different "inactive ingredients" and somehow effecting me differently, I'm gonna say they ARE NOT THE SAME.
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Monday - 1 unfinished item
Tuesday - 2 unfinished items

Ugh. So I had to do grocery shopping and didn't have time/energy to finish my list. And I have groceries that don't fit into the disorganized shelves just standing around making it look like I did hardly at anything. If at all possible today I'll be adding:
-Monkey toys straightened
-clean and organize pot/pan area
-clean and organize Tupperware area
to my list. It may be too much. It feels like too much.

HAHA. Just had to run to the store and get the last ingredient for the Irish stew I tossed in the crock pot. Also I'll be making some ridiculous fancy molasses bread from scratch because obvs I want to punish myself and completely undo all of the work I have done thus far.

-Monkey to Kita
-clean and organize dog bar
-clean dog feeding station and dishes
-clear out fridge/freezer and organize
-clean and organize cabinet over microwave
-pick up Monkey
-finish up anything unfinished
-clean windows in kitchen and living room
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Monday went well! I busted my ass cleaning. Jens comes home and, after being asked what he thinks, says in a noncommittal tone, "It's a good start." *twitch twitch*

Just have one thing left over to do: -Monkey toys straightened. I will put that off a bit though so I can get started on the Tuesday things.

-Monkey to Kita
-blankets back on sofa - technically belongs on Monday's list of accomplishments
-dishes put away and dishwasher filled/run
-clear counters/put things where they go/toss stuff out
-wipe down wall tiles/outside of cabinets
-clean microwave/assorted small appliances
-trash out
-sweep over and over and mop/vacuum rugs
-pick up Monkey
-clean and organize pot/pan area
-clean and organize Tupperware area
melcena: (Warm sun)
-Monkey to Kita
-strip sofa/toss blankets in wash/hang out to dry
-Easter stuff put away
-all clothes OUT of living room
-floor cleared
-floor vacuumed and mopped
-Monkey toys straightened
-pick up Monkey
-Monkey books and DVDs straightened

-Monkey to Kita
-blankets back on sofa
-dishes put away and dishwasher filled/run
-clear counters/put things where they go/toss stuff out
-trash out
-sweep and mop/vacuum rugs
-clean and organize pot/pan area
-pick up Monkey
-clean and organize Tupperware area

-Monkey to Kita
-clean and organize dog bar
-clean dog feeding station and dishes
-clear out fridge/freezer and organize
-clean and organize cabinet over microwave
-pick up Monkey
-finish up anything unfinished
-clean windows in kitchen and living room

-Monkey goes outside with Papa
-too small summer clothes (Monkey's) packed up to donate
-Monkey room de-cluttered/all clothes put away
-Monkey bed stripped and redone
-bedclothes washed and dried and put away
-Monkey plant pruned
-Monkey floor vacuumed
-Monkey window washed
-clean house maintenance

-Send Monkey to Kita with Papa
-big bed stripped and redone
-bedclothes washed and dried and put away
-floor de-cluttered
-old clothes/boxes dealt with
-floor vacuumed
-wardrobe reorganized
-sewing table reorganized
-window washed

-F all y'all I'm sleeping in
-leisurely breakfast
-bitch about how he house is already messed up AND PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES DAMMIT
-lay on the sofa watching TV

-make Sunday morning breakfast
-clean bathroom
-Tidy up


Nov. 10th, 2014 12:48 pm
melcena: (Warm sun)
Went to the doc and waited a little more than 2 and a half hours. Finally got in there around the time I needed to get moving to pick up Sammy. Stressful.

Anyway, here Bupropion (Zyban) is only for quitting smoking. She looked for other meds and could find nothing that didn't have excessive weight gain as a side effect, and since I told her what it's used for in the US she agreed, despite misgivings, to let me give it a try. Because it's only for quitting smoking and not mental health issues I have to pay for it on my own, and it's 67€ and change. Which is doable but annoying.

She told me that my ecigs are a horrible idea and went on about chemicals and I should quit them. Which I think I will for 30 days while I'm on the Bupropion. She also said I need to seriously up my vit D dosage and keep taking the B vitamins.

Going to stroll to the store and the pharmacy in a little bit and pick up the new vit D and the Bupropion. Then I think I will sit under my sun lamp and vegetate because I have zero energy.

Other advice from the doctor was weight-loss related, I should cook only with coconut fat and cut out all other sources from my diet, no butter, no eggs, no animal fat, no other cooking oils ... this sounds sketchy as hell to me. I will peruse the internets and see what they have to say about her advice.


Nov. 9th, 2014 08:32 pm
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OK so, after talking to Liz I have decided to start trying to keep daily tabs on how I'm feeling, and I'm gonna do it here on LJ!

I came off my Venlafaxin awhile back, and I did pretty good for awhile! I managed my anxiety with e-cigs and while I haven't dropped, well, hardly any of the weight I gained on that medicine I have stopped gaining. So, good deal.

Problem is I've been starting to have issues again. And last night when Jens was out at a whiskey tasting and crashing at a co-worker's place I had a LOT of anxiety. Like, almost panicky WHAT IF HE NEVER COMES BACK WHAT WOULD I DO?!?!?!?! Did not sleep well. Did not take any sominex either since I needed to be able to wake up for Sammy if he called for me.

And that isn't the first time I've had issues that don't seem to be held at bay by the e-cigs. This time of year does me no favors either. So I'm planning to go back to the doc and talk to her, see if she will put me on Bupropion. It's not supposed to have weight gain as a side effect, and I'm hoping it will help me manage my anxiety.

I don't know if she'll take my suggestion or if she'll suggest something else, but I know I don't want the other stuff back and I do need something it seems.
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Sammy had a blast at the zoo today. He was thrilled about riding on the train, though he wanted it to go faster and make fewer stops. LOL

He was nervous about the tram, but was eager to get back on it the second time around.

He had a lot of fun at the Zoo, we did a few laps around and saw all of the animals we could find. He was excited about the elephants, but did not want to see them any closer. He went on every slide we came across, climbed on a few things and got to pet some sheep. He really liked the exhibits with fish, and of course the penguins are always a favorite. He tried to help an adventurous kid get back to his mother, which the kid didn't want to do. And he played with some other kids as he came across them. He also begged money off of me and Oma to play on the coin operated digging machine and the coin operated bumper cars. He tried to boss Oma into crawling around on hands and knees and playing with him a few times, that was a no go, but I got down and crawled around because I thought I was still young enough. Dude, I know now why my mom had kids in her early 20's. Holy crap.

We didn't make it to the little train in the Große Garten, it was too much for one day. We did hit the gift shop and picked out a post card for him to take in to Kindergarten when he goes back, and some animal stickers to put on his wall. Oma said he couldn't have a stuffed animal because he has enough, she then got him a fire engine. *shakes her head*

On the train Sammy kept saying he wasn't tired, as he was yawning and trying to keep his eyes open, I was amused. He's been running imaginary trains since we got home, in the tub he was driving the Octonauts around and everywhere the Gup-A stopped he made train announcements. He wants to go back tomorrow. Oma suggested we do it again for his birthday, I think that may be a solid plan.

A WTF from our fun day at the Zoo in Dresden: From the top of a little tower, Sammy is trying to convince another little boy to get out of his rented zoo stroller and join him. Having just watched the kid be put in the cart a few minutes before I discouraged him, then I noticed Random Boy's Oma who had put him in said stroller was on a bench several feet away playing on a smart phone. The boy was obviously bored and when he sees a little bird on the walkway he gets excited and starts calling out to his Oma for her to share in this exciting bird experience. Her response was essentially, "Yeah yeah, I see it." Followed by a short glance up and a very short, "I saw it." To hush the kid up. Poor kid went back to looking sad and bored, and we walked on leaving Oma to her terribly important phone fiddling. Who does that?! Poor kid.


Sep. 2nd, 2013 10:15 am
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My birthday is coming up on Friday, in honor of that go buy yourselves something nice from here (Big Fluffy Rescue event) or from Greatergood.com, or donate to charity, or just go out and be awesome to people. :-D


Aug. 10th, 2013 08:14 pm
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*Me, Jens, and Sammy T, in the car, In one Ear - Cage the Elephant playing on the iPod*
Me: (to Jens) I'm really glad Sammy isn't paying attention to the music or he would have just learned the S-word and the F-word.
Jens: *changing the song* (to Sammy) Do you know the F-word?
Sammy: Ja!
Me: *Thinking: Oh god, I'm a bad mom!*
Jens: What is it?
Sammy: Flughafen! (Airport in German.)
Jens: And the S-word, do you know the S-word?
Sammy: Ja!
Jens: What is it? What is the S-word?
Sammy: Me! Samuel!

We then stopped trying to keep the laughter in. Best kid ever.
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Adopt elderly dogs - name them after the Silver Horde
Foster dogs for rescues
Learn to window box garden
Be a size 16 or smaller for more than a year
Get certified as a translator
Have a work from home job
Learn to make a pretty cake
Finish a quilt
Learn basic bookkeeping - feel good about my money skills
Learn to rollerblade
Shave my head
Take a photography course
Learn to dance
Re-learn how to like cities


Jul. 4th, 2013 05:05 pm
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Woke up today with a horrible sore throat. Feeling like total crap. So I went to the doctor. Does anybody else get that slight feeling of concern mostly overpowered by vindication when the doctor looks horrified?

Doctor: *makes horrified face* How long have you had this?
Me: I woke up with it this morning.
Doctor: *shocked face* Your throat is awfully red, your lymph nodes and the back of your tongue are really swollen. I'm going to put you on 10 days of antibiotics.

Also, since my throat hurts like hell, I put myself on the 'Fuck You, It Hurts When I Swallow' Diet. AKA Ice Cream. Why call it that, you ask? One, it's that time of month so I'm cranky. Two, 'I thought you were trying to lo-' FUCK YOU, IT HURTS WHEN I SWALLOW. See how that works?
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I've been feeling restless lately. I have this desire to start changing things. I want to re-do the junk room into a home office. I want to re-do the warped floor in the bedroom. I'm thinking of taking some free online classes on topics that interest me. I want to make a hundred little changes in my life, but ...

I'm feeling kind of trapped. I can't do the big things without help, and no one but me has an interest in them. And all the little things are probably pointless and will never stick because, face it, look who you're talking to. And I just ... I don't know.

I'd like to talk about it, but I feel stupid. Everyone else has other things going on. And nobody, not even me, wants to sit down and hash through this ... this ennui.
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Long night of nightmares left me with the feeling I ought to make a will. TL;DR )
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Since we started putting Sammy T to bed at 8pm instead of 7pm he's sleeping later in the mornings. This means that I can start my day without having someone screaming at me/for me. It is the most awesome thing, not being harried every morning, I have time to wake up and sip a cup of hot tea. Heavenly.

I took Sammy T to Kindergarten, and talked to Frau Helm who had arranged (and postponed for me) the a meeting in Leubsdorf to discuss me helping out with another Kindergarten's English program. She called up Frau Rein and and spoke briefly and then asked if today at 9am was good for me. Which, it was! I came home and changed clothes and worked on my breathing. I was pouring buckets of sweat, as I do now whenever I get nervous. But I managed to talk myself down and by the time I left I felt good about going.

When I got there Frau Rein was happy to see me and started asking me if I had a certificate in English, I had to explain I was a native English speaker and an English major to boot! Oh, was she happy. Their English teacher had retired. They need someone to take over the program and teach two classes one in Leubsdorf and one in Hohenfichte. At this point I was starting to feel panicked again. I just wanted to volunteer to help out a bit!

So I'll be starting with the class in Hohenfichte and Frau Rein will be coming with me to the first couple of classes and helping out. Then I'm on my own and we'll see about doing the class in Leubsdorf later. It's exciting! And it's terrifying! It will be good for me.

THEN! Around lunch time, the UPS guy came and rang the doorbell. My very dear friend Dan WHO IS GRADUATING FROM HARVARD LAW SCHOOL THIS WEEK* had mentioned on Facebook that I should expect UPS on Thursday. We had talked about him getting a shirt for Sammy T from the Harvard gift shop, so I was happily thinking how adorable Sammy was going to be in a Harvard shirt. I was handed this large flat envelope. My grandma has folded clothes flat and shipped them in an envelope before but this was really flat.

Dan sent me this awesome, AWESOME Certificate of Appreciation. It is gorgeous. And makes me all teary eyed. This is going on the family pictures shelf. <3

* Insert happy "I AM SO PROUD OF YOU" dance here.


May. 21st, 2012 01:28 pm
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I got sick as a dog the other week. Stomach bug that started on Saturday and lasted until Monday, and a nasty cold that started up on Monday that is still clinging on.

That means there was no meeting with the lady at the other Kindergarten. I did however manage to lose 7 pounds in 3 days of stomach flu so I think that I can be forgiven for not doing, well anything, really.

This past Saturday we took Sammy T to the zoo in Leipzig. He was all about the elephants. He was dragging me along once we got in insisting that we go to the elephants. When we got there, he was really quiet and his eyes were huge. I think he was suitably impressed! Long story short, it was a really nice zoo and we had a lot of fun, but it was really tiring.

I've been trying to come up with a list of 100 things I want to do/change over the next year/two years. I'm up to 34. Quite a few of them are big things, which means I could break them down into smaller steps, and I think I will try to do so, but later when I'm not trying to get my house back in order.
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This sounds like something interesting. I've been needing to make some changes around here. So why not change 100 things and post how I do on LJ. I need to change some unhealthy habits, I need to get into healthy ones. I need to get out of this unproductive funk I've been in. I'm not sure right now what every change will be but there are enough things that need changing that it shouldn't be that hard to come up with 100. This will be spanning eating habits, exercise, TV and computer time, reading, making things (quilting, crochet and cooking), cleaning house, and anything else I can think of to improve myself and my life!


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